Monday, July 6, 2009

The Delicate Art of Manipulation

Here is a lovely little pro-choice ditty from entitled "Dealing with an Unwanted Pregnancy." has since taken the article down from their website but this was the orginal page address on their site -

"" -

And here is a PDF file of the complete text of the article -

This “Love Tip” purports to advise men who do not want to be fathers on how to make their wishes known to their pregnant partners. It turns out to be a "how to" manual, meticulously laying out the steps of the subtle art of emotionally manipulating a pregnant woman into having an abortion. Thank you Ms. Isabella Snow, (yes the article was written by a woman,) for your great service in the pro-choice cause, (also known as “Men’s Liberation!”)

Here are the final telling paragraphs from the article which lay out the coup de grĂ¢ce:

"Stand by your decision - If you’ve followed all of these steps and your woman decides to have the baby anyway, this does not mean you’re required to get married or move in together. You’ll probably want to provide for your child regardless, but if you’ve been clear about your intentions from the start, you are not obligated to contribute beyond what your conscience and the law expects of you. This was her decision, not yours, and the bulk of the responsibility is now hers.

Take a moment to spell this out for her when she gives you the final decision; it may just sway her over to your side."

Translated, “Get rid of that baby, or I’m out of here, and you can raise the kid on your own. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll send you a few bucks every now and then…”

Wait a minute, Ms. Snow - I thought the woman had already made her "final" decision!

Isn’t choice a wonderful thing...