Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pastoral Letter re. United Way and Planned Parenthood

Central Illinois Right to Life, Inc. is a peace-loving, life-embracing, irenic association of citizens from all different walks of life--all of whom are united around the simple and yet profound notion that all human beings ought to be given the "right" to life.

We live in the same community with many other people--some of whom agree with us, and some of whom do not. Often, there is a sweet intersection of interests, passions, and concerns, that almost all of us share in common. When this happens, we have cause for being glad.

CIRTL has no interest in being at odds with any agencies in our area who are not directly involved in the wrongful taking of (civilly) innocent life. We count the Heart of Illinois United Way in this more positive camp. We fully and heartily recognize the good causes that they (United Way) support; and for this, we applaud them. Still, there is the one important concern that the pro-life community still has with United Way, and that is its continued (though admittedly somewhat restrained) support of Planned Parenthood's work in Peoria.

We also fully grasp the fact that there is a matrix of difficult associations amongst traditionally pro-life churches and clergy relative to the fact that United Way provides for various religiously-based efforts in central Illinois. Still, this is no cause for us to compromise principle, at the altar of expediency.

All that said, we continue to urge United Way to fully drop all support for Planned Parenthood. We do this from not only conviction, but from conscience. All of us should do everything we can to improve one another. The United Way has a lot going in its favor--why should they not go all the way, and care for only those causes and works in our community that are savory and good?

In light of all this, CIRTL is encouraging all citizens in central Illinois to sign the petition found within our current mailing, and return them to the self-addressed destination. Thank-you for thoughtful consideration of our humble request.