Monday, June 1, 2009

Strange Irony in George Tiller's death

Sometimes, truth seems to be stranger than fiction.

George Tiller, the renowned murderer of children--some of whom were literally in the birth canal--died in a building owned by the "Reformation Lutheran Church."

Let us break this name down a bit. "Reformation": this was the great movement of God's Spirit, which officially began in the early 16th century. The Reformers stood for life, light, grace, redemption, gospel, the church, and all the abundant riches of Christ.

The next word is, "Lutheran." Martin Luther loved children. He heartily despised anyone who did not have affection and care for them.

The last word is "Church." The church is a safe haven for sinners, who put their trust in The Lord Jesus Christ as the only means of propitiation (satisfaction concerning) the wrath of God.

Note how far from these blessed ideals we have moved. How many churches (and individual Christians) even know the principles of the Reformation, let alone believe them? How many Protestants (not only "Lutherans") have so compromised their faith, that they can no longer discern right from wrong? And with regard to the Church: the very colony of heaven on earth has been, in many ways, infiltrated with error and corruption.

Still, let us not lose heart. The same God that saves us in Jesus, is also on His eternal throne--now, and forevermore.