Friday, July 10, 2009

The Inadvertent Value of Garbage

Some have pointed out the obvious regarding the article from, “Dealing with an Unwanted Pregnancy.” Yes, it is a disgusting piece of trash! And something like this is hard to read with our heads without breaking our hearts.

However, the Pro-Life movement is in a struggle for the hearts and minds of people. And this effort is in large part a battle of words and ideas - for we cannot reach people’s hearts except through their minds. The opposition is actively engaged in this same pursuit. But they are devious and deceptive, rarely revealing who they really are and what they really think.

On occasion, one of them inadvertently divulges the truth of the pro-abortion mind-set for all to see - in this case in an internet magazine read by thousands if not millions of people. And true to form, pulled this thing off the web and pretended it was never there when complaints started to come in. Clearly, they suddenly realized that Ms. Snow had disclosed the nasty and indefensible reality that legalized abortion forces on many women. Whatever her intentions, the end product is the portrayal of women as objects for manipulation to abort by the very men who are supposed to love and protect their women and their children.

So, as in this case, when the abortion rights crowd does display their true colors, we must pin the tail on the donkey as clearly and as publicly as we can. And in order to be sure we hit the target, we may have to remove all blindfolds and look directly at the south end of the unclean beast in the process!

And so we must read and analyze – we must dig through the trash to reveal the evidence contained therein to everyone who will pay attention. This particular garbage can reeks with the foul consequences of abortion on demand. So we must hold our nose, remove the lid, and spread the rotten refuse on the public sidewalk in order that the passersby can get a good whiff of the stench.

A blunder such as this from a member of the pro-abortion crowd provides more power in the war of ideas than a hundred articles written by pro-lifers trying to point out the same thing – because the clear and ugly reality is coming directly from the "horse's mouth" so to speak.

This article is very disturbing, in what it reveals about the selfishness of a large number of men - also that a woman of all people would provide instruction to the irresponsible men of the world on how to manipulate women into killing their unborn children... I wonder how many of the ladies who go into abortion mills each day have been treated in just this manner or worse, (threats and violence, etc.,) by the father of their child. How many are going there, not because they freely "choose" to do so, (the big pro-choice lie that we are trying to expose,) but rather, because they have been pressured to the point that they do not think they have any other choice.

But yes, aside from the value of the article for use in the war of ideas – “trash," or perhaps some other more vivid descriptor, pretty much sums it up!