Friday, May 29, 2009

What Does 'Pro-Life' Really Mean to Us?

I submitted a letter to the Editor of the Peoria Journal Star (email to to respond to Shari Britner's 5/28/09 Forum letter "What does 'pro-life' really mean to us?" Here is what I said:

Shari Britner seems to be confused about what it really means to be pro-life. She says that she believes that those of us who are pro-life need to support "equal education and health care, at a minimum, to all children after they are born in honor of the sacredness of the lives of these children." I would say that education and health care are important, but we need to start with what is most important. Every human being has a right to life, first and foremost; so that he/she can enjoy those other things that our government wants to provide us.

Secondly, does a true "pro-life" position also include opposition to the death penalty and to war? Logically, it does. If the state takes the life of a convicted murderer, humanity is diminished. I'm afraid that, for me however, it's sometimes easier to believe in the preciousness of the life of the unborn child, than of the convicted murderer.

As for opposing war, I believe it is everybody's duty to work to end war. A lot of well-meaning people have different ideas on how to do this. My pro-life belief gives me a great desire for the end of war; however, I don't see a clear direction on how to proceed.

Daniel J. Bohan