Sunday, May 3, 2009

CIRTL Movie Ads at Willow Knolls and Pekin Showplace

Starting May 8, Central Illinois Right to Life (CIRTL) will be running commercials at Willow Knolls Cinema and at Pekin Showplace. Directed at young people, the commercial provides an option for someone with an unplanned pregnancy to talk to someone who can help. A phone number at the end of the commercial is for an outfit that provides counselors who will direct them to a local pregnancy center.

New Vitae Ad has “YouTube” Feel

In “What If” a college-age woman talks directly to her audience about unplanned pregnancy. The message is simple, straightforward and powerful. There are no flashy images or artsy concepts. It has a very real, very “YouTube” feel to it.

Shot in an apartment where real college students live, the single-camera television commercial features a young woman who understands the trauma of an unexpected pregnancy. She talks to other women who are just like her. What’s important is that she offers the viewer the opportunity to talk with someone who won’t judge and who understands what they are going through.

The commercial was shot in Athens, Georgia, by Radar Multimedia Productions, Inc.It features a Caucasian actress. It was shot in one day, which makes it more economical. The set was an actual apartment. The camera was “fixed,” meaning there were no tracks for the camera to roll on.

“We were looking for a style that appeals to young people so that they would hear and connect with the message,” Debbie Stokes, Vitae’s Executive Vice President, stated. The commercial features a young woman who adjusts the “webcam” as if she is recording a “YouTube” segment. There’s even a track on the bottom of the ad just like a real YouTube segment.

Since it wasn’t shot on a Hollywood set, there were moments they had to stop filming due to lawn mower or airplane noise coming from outside. “It’s amazing how every little noise is picked up by the microphones,” Debbie noted.

Working with young actors is always a delight for Vitae staff. There is frequently an opportunity to talk with the actors and production staff about the work that Vitae is doing. It is great to see the interest these young people have and how open they are to the Vitae message.

Preview of “What If” Commercial