Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When will we Finally Win?

Does the church and the world have to wait till the Second Coming of Christ, and the (corresponding) resurrection of bodies, and the Day of Judgment to see the victory of the Pro-Life cause?

I don't think so. I certainly hope we won't have to wait till then.

If not, then what, if anything, are we doing wrong; and what must we change, in order to hasten the good result?

All of you who know me understand one thing for sure: you know that I believe that the *church* is THE single key to our triumph. If this is the case, then what must we do differently?

OK, I know this will seem a bit far afield, but here we go: THE first thing we need to do is to get the gospel right. The second thing we need to do is to believe it. The third thing we need to do is to BE the church, properly-covenanted with God (in the local assemblies--under authority and vows). The fourth thing we need to do is to worship God, and to do that on Sundays.

All right--are you with me? Once we have gotten to THIS point, let us PRAY like crazy--let's do it individually, in our churches, and amongst all the faithful churches. Now, let's ask God to pour out His Spirit on the church, so as to revive her. Once this prayer is answered--should God choose to do so--then we are in a position to fully take over, control, and impact ALL of culture and society.

Now, in light of what I have said, is it wrong for us to do all the things we are currently attempting? No. But let us not put our faith in these efforts. All positive and true change, in the history of the world, has come about by means of God working in and through His church.