Friday, April 24, 2009

Praying for the President

Do you get the feeling lately that our country has descended to a sorry state? I mean, when our president shows an utter disrespect for the life of our unborn children.... how could it be worse? So, I am praying for a change. Among other things, I am praying for President Obama to have a conversion experience -- that he should be converted to see the value of all human life. You might say it's unlikely, but God only knows. So, I am praying and leaving it in God's hands.

Everyone in the pro-life movement must do what they can to promote respect for life. Here's one thing I am doing. A couple times a month, I am sending an email to President Obama telling him I am praying for him to meet the challenges presented to him and that I am praying for his conversion to a pro-life position.

If you want to email the president, go to

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