Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Old War

The Old War

The older among us remember the Cold War. Begun almost immediately after World War II between the United States and Russia, the cold war was a period of competition for world domination without direct combat. The cold war also came to an end without direct combat in the early 1990s as the Russian communist empire fell apart.

I write here about another war without direct combat, the Old War, which goes back throughout human history. This war has raged wherever states have killed the youngest people among their populations. During the enslavement of the Hebrew people in Egypt, pharaoh decreed that baby Hebrew boys be killed. In the promised land, the Hebrew people found societies which routinely sacrificed their young to satanic gods. At the birth of Christ, King Herod decreed the “massacre of the innocent,” the slaughter of baby boys in the area of Bethlehem. Entering the New World, the Spanish found a whole Aztec civilization built on massive human sacrifice, especially of the youngest children.

The twentieth century, however, was the stage for the greatest state sanctioned slaughter of the innocent. Begun in Russia right after the revolution, legalized abortion spread worldwide. Since 1922 abortion has taken the lives of 1 billion babies before birth.

Without direct combat, our country was taken over by the abortion empire in 1973. Since then, no president elected by the people has had the power to eradicate this evil from our midst. Like Vichy France during World War II, we are an occupied country. Like Vichy France, we have three sets of people in our country: the collaborators, the appeasers, and the freedom fighters. Unlike Vichy France, however, our freedom fighters use no weapons of violence. Only the abortion empire uses weapons of mass destruction. Our weapons are prayer, protest, and petition. We exhort God to deliver our country from this evil. We alert other citizens to the enormity of abortion’s evil. I find it amusing that Time Magazine named “the protestor” as person of the year this year. Where have they been? We have been protesting for almost 40 years. We join together to seek redress for abortion’s wrongs before every government.

Personally, I find it amazing that legalized abortion’s spread from Russia can be read as foretold by Mary in 1917 to three small children at Fatima. She asked for prayers for the conversion of Russia which otherwise would spread her errors throughout the world. Certainly, communism emanating from Russia fits the bill, but I wonder if we have too quickly assigned solely this meaning to Mary’s words. While Russian communism has ended, legalized abortion continues unabated. Wasn’t Mary herself more personally concerned with the young than with oppressive social systems? Mary herself escaped the massacre of the innocents in Bethlehem during the Roman Empire which continued its oppressive power for more than 400 years after her family’s exodus to Egypt.

Mary personally was a refugee of the Old War. Isn’t it natural that her son, the King, would send her as an emissary to the world to seek prayers from the young for those even more young? Like the beginning of Star Wars, where Princess Leia imparts a message to the lowliest droid R2D2, the message for our time comes from royalty and was first given to the lowliest persons. Princess Leia implored, “Help me ... you are our only hope.” Mary similarly invites us to help her son who identifies most closely with the lowliest of humanity. Will we silence her call in our hearts to collaborate with, or at least appease, the abortion empire? Will we instead, answer her call, join the greatest freedom fight of all time, and submit to become her foot soldiers in the Old War?