Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Shops of Horrors

What do we call the place where abortions take place? The media tends to call these places abortion clinics. The people who do abortions list what they do in the phone book under the heading "abortion services." They rarely put what they do in their name, as other businesses do. The place where abortions are done in Peoria calls itself "National Health Care Services." Whatever they call themselves, however, is just a mask for what they do. They put on a name, like children today put on masks and go out trick or treating.

The word abortion is another mask. They don't like to even call the person who performs the abortion an abortionist! They prefer the title doctor. Sometimes they call what the abortionist does a "termination of a pregnancy" as if the only person affected is the mother. They don't like calling the woman a mother. That is another mask.

They think that if we all just accept their terms, we forget what they really are and what they really do. But we will not forget. We remember what they do, who they harm, and who they kill, even if we do not know the names of their victims.

Sometimes we call their businesses "abortion mills" to emphasize the difference from real doctor offices where real doctors treat patients for real illnesses in a personal way and no one gets killed. At least that is not the plan. Abortion mill, however, still is a mask for what goes on inside. The term still accepts that what is aborted is a pregnancy. Is this adequate? Suppose a terrorist detonated a bomb on a plane. Would we say that he or she just terminated a flight? No! All flights terminate, just as all pregnancies terminate, but on most of the flights, the passengers get out alive, just as in most pregnancies, the baby comes out alive. We would not let the terrorists or their sympathizers get away with such a cover-up. Why do we let the people who kill children before birth get away with it?

Can we take off the masks? Why not call those places what they really are: little shops of horror. They are places where the most innocent among us are torn to shreds. They are places where the mothers come out knowing their lives will never be the same again. They are places where even the profiteers know that they must hide what they do. Without our help, they cannot go outside without their masks. Let us help them do so.