Friday, September 11, 2009

To My Democratic Friends

To My Democratic Friends,

I heard recently something that suggested that the people who oppose abortion are part of the Republican far-right. That statement kinda bothers me because I don’t think of myself as Republican or as extremely conservative. But I do think that we need to have a great respect for human life in all its forms.

I don’t understand why the Democrats can’t adopt a concern for everybody who is in need … for all human beings that are downtrodden and oppressed. It seems to me that unborn human beings are in this category … the ones who are threatened with their lives being snuffed out .. and it seems to me a very human thing to care about human life … to care about unborn babies.

I would think that anybody with an ounce of humanity has got to think that killing an unborn baby, especially one that is viable (that could live outside the womb), has got to be wrong. And I just hope and pray that the Democratic Party could find it in their hearts to extend the compassion for which they are well known to this group of human beings whose life is threatened.