Friday, September 18, 2009

Peoria, Illinois 2009 Abortion Mill Statistics

There were approximately 20 abortions the week of Sept. 17. Totals for 2009=1257.
Source: Karen Guth - Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Just what is the reality of this? How many human beings is 1257?

For you who are local to Central Illinois Right to Life, just think of our mailing meetings and all those newsletters we put together. 1257 is approximately the same number of people as the individuals that we mail that huge pile of newsletters to 4 times a year.

Or for another illustration, take a look at the membership list of the Central Illinos Right to Life FaceBook Group with all those pictures of the smiling faces of the members of the group. The number of people, yes people, killed at the Peoria, Illinois abortion mill this year will soon surpase the number of people in the CIRTL FaceBook group - and it takes a very long time to scroll through that membership list and look at each face.

So many lives lost ...