Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Huge Expansion of Federal Abortion Funding

I fired off an email to my guys in Washington:

Dear senator or representative:

As a Catholic, I am very concerned that the proposed health care reform will include expanded federal abortion funding. From what I have read in our Catholic newspaper, the five health care reform bills currently under consideration "would permit or mandate the use of fereral revenues fotr coverage that includes elective abortions." This quote is from "The Catholic Post," 11/1/2009 issue, page 4, "What some would 'Hyde'."

The article says that the Hyde Amendment does not apply to any of the health care reform bills, and it says "An explicit prohibition must ... be included in the final health care reform bill to avert a huge expansion of federal abortion funding. Without it and notwithstanding their strong support for health care reform, the bishops will have no choice but to oppose the final bill vigorously."