Friday, October 23, 2009

Today It Rained

By Karen Guth - CIRTL Board of Directors - Helpers of God's Precious Infants

Today it rained. The morning wasn’t so bad, but the rain got heavier as the day progressed.
This was one of those days, when no one stopped for literature. I wouldn’t want to stop and let the rain in to take something from a weird-looking person swathed in poncho and rain gear.
There were lots of extra people on the sidewalk. One woman who started coming a few weeks ago, asked if they could keep coming after the 40 days were over.
I could have just jumped up and clicked my heels together at that comment. You certainly can! That is a praise God moment.
I took a break and missed the person with the “proud member of the Catholic church” bumper sticker. One of our 40 days prayer warriors got the unpleasant surprise of seeing a fellow parishioner picking someone up.
That is a horrible feeling to see someone you know, someone who is a member of your church at that evil place.
We had one of those strange, unpleasant happenings. A woman made a left turn, and then a u-turn in front of the clinic. She had her window down and was talking out the window, even before she made the u-turn.
She pulled into the driveway right by us, yelling, making ugly faces. I have trouble taking that sort of thing in. I don’t really want to know all those words she was saying, or exactly what those gestures or faces were.
They were very bizarre and ugly.
She pulled to the back of the clinic, and after a short time, drove back out, quickly, yelling as she went.
Please pray for that young woman.
I got out the holy water, sprinkled the driveway and the sidewalk. We all could have used to bless ourselves with some. I didn’t think of that.
We prayed for her.
A man contacted me this week who wants to pray for us that come to the sidewalk and to pray for all the women who come.
As you can tell, we really need that. Please join in whether you can come to the sidewalk or not. The evil one is at work.
We talked about the Fatima movie, The 13th Day. God is at work also. Praise God for our faith, our church, our many blessings.
We also talked about the talk and the visit of the National Pilgrim Fatima Statue. The speaker talked about Our Lady’s request that we offer up our sufferings to God for the conversion of sinners. We do this today for the conversion of our country.
At the time of Fatima, it was for the conversion of Russia, but today we need it here.
Let us all join together in doing this. We all have sufferings. We just need to lift them up to God, so they can be used.